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Weddings / Planning your ceremony

The following information is taken from the “Getting Married” website and gives a good overall view of what should happen and when.

Planning the Ceremony: a month-by-month look


Many couples wonder if it is necessary to have a rehearsal for the wedding ceremony. The last couple of days before the wedding can be hectic and getting people together at the Church can seem to be a hassle. However our recommendation is that the rehearsal is very important, it is time well spent. The rehearsal is designed to make the Bride and Groom familiar with the ceremony and hence more relaxed on their big day. Everyone would like the ceremony to go well and the rehearsal really helps you achieve that goal.

It is important to build the rehearsal into your plans by making an arrangement with the priest and the church regarding the day and time well in advance. Most rehearsals are in the evening after 6.30. They normally take about 45 minutes. Occasionally rehearsals are scheduled for a Sunday afternoon. It is useful to check if there is an evening mass. Be sure to clarify who is going to open and close the church for you and provide light (and maybe heat). A really co-operative sacristan will also ensure that you have access to the microphones and show you the kneelers and chairs that are available on the day. All of this is especially important if you are having the rehearsal with a visiting priest who is not familiar with the church itself.

The ideal time for the rehearsal is two or three days before the wedding.

People wonder who should go along. Ideally all those who have a special role on the day. Firstly the wedding party, Bride, Groom, Chief Bridesmaid, Best Man need to be there. After that the parents, the father of the bride to practice walking up the aisle and the mothers to practice bringing the gifts.

The readers could be there also. It is important to remember that at the rehearsal you will need time to can talk to the priest about the many choices you have regarding the details of the ceremony.

The rehearsal is an opportunity for the families to meet one and other and the priest, sometimes for the first time. In America the tradition is to have a rehearsal dinner, this may seem a little over the top, but it has developed to help the family members to meet one and other before the wedding day.

The rehearsal can also be a moment to make your contribution to the Church, saving you the hassle of worrying about money on the day.