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Hannahstown Parish



Your choice to get married is one of the

most  important decisions of your

whole life.

These web pages  have been compiled by people

who really believe in marriage and our hope is

to be of assistance to you in your preparation

 for your wedding day and your future married

 life. Please accept our warmest congratulations.


During this very special time in your

relationship, when you are thinking of spending

the rest of your lives together, arrangements

for "the big day" can overtake the emotional

factor of the huge decision you have just made.


Welcome to this section of the Hannahstown  Parish website  that will help you make sense

of many of the questions that are going around  in your head at the moment.  

By connecting with the various sections and following the time line laid out below you will make it to the day -  that will be the first day of the rest of your married life.

There are a number of steps that you must take to ensure that your marriage is valid in the eyes of the Church and the Law. It is a good idea to be organised and complete these steps in plenty of time before your Wedding Day. For more information on what the Church and the State require, please see the subsections.